an excerpt:
“Other careers such as law, or teaching or sales are relatively easy to explain. Careers in the arts can take many different forms. Annie Leibovitz is a photographer, but she is also Annie Leibovitz, which seems to be its own job title right there. Ellen Warner is not Annie Leibovitz and doesn’t have her career. ”

Your weekly must-have book
by Sherry Connelly

The facts: Many women won't have the option of retiring. The same is true for men, of course. As the economy sours, property and other investments lose value; people are worried. Bearing a special burden are women who took time out to have children, and as a result will have saved less.

This should make Emma Gilbey Keller's "The Comeback" all bad news. But its subtitle suggests otherwise. In fact, Keller's stance is that a woman can have it all - but sometimes must get it bit by bit.

Gilbey was a successful journalist and author ("The Life and Times of Winnie Mandela") and mother when her husband, Bill Keller, was made New York Times executive editor. She struggled with her new role, particularly after her youngest daughter announced: "I go to school. Daddy goes to work. And Mommy goes to ... gym."

But Keller keeps the so-called Mommy Wars out of "Comeback" as she explores how some women were forced to change their career paths.

Judith Feder financed her own real estate development deals while her husband, Warren, was a successful lawyer. Life was good until twins came prematurely. They needed constant care for years. Meanwhile, Warren's family business was failing and he had to spend a lot of time in Baltimore.

The whole family credits Judith with organizing every step, bringing them to their lovely life now. Then she decided she wanted to go back to work. She took a financial job and was likely paid less than she was worth. She adjusted through all the home/work/time tensions. Her children feel strongly she deserves more recognition, yet Judith is satisfied.

Judith and the other women Keller talks to in this inspiring book invented second acts. Many of us will be forced to do the same as we age, which is why there's definitely something to be learned from these pages.