an excerpt:
“Other careers such as law, or teaching or sales are relatively easy to explain. Careers in the arts can take many different forms. Annie Leibovitz is a photographer, but she is also Annie Leibovitz, which seems to be its own job title right there. Ellen Warner is not Annie Leibovitz and doesn’t have her career. ”

New York Times Book Review

“For mothers contemplating a return to the work force after years spent raising children, Emma Gilbey Keller has good news: if the women she profiles in her new book can do it, so can you. [The Comeback] is a feel-good book. [Keller] chats and charms her way through the book, interweaving detailed portraits of her subjects with sketches of larger issues including women’s entrepreneurship; sexism in the fields of medicine, law and architecture; the benefits of joint custody to divorced mothers’ work schedules; and the effect (or not) of changing gender roles on housework.” “Her subjects manage to speak to everyone. These accomplished women bring reassuring voices to our increasingly urgent national conversation about mothers and work. The publication of "The Comeback" is nearly synchronous with two landmark moments in the debate about work/family balance: John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, and the 20th anniversary of the Harvard Business Review article that introduced the galvanizing notion of the mommy track. If Keller’s Everywoman can finally effect lasting political and economic change, perhaps her daughters won’t need to stage a career comeback: they won’t have to leave in the first place.”