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“Other careers such as law, or teaching or sales are relatively easy to explain. Careers in the arts can take many different forms. Annie Leibovitz is a photographer, but she is also Annie Leibovitz, which seems to be its own job title right there. Ellen Warner is not Annie Leibovitz and doesn’t have her career. ”

In this encouraging book, Keller tells the stories of seven very different women. With all of them there came a moment - unplanned - when they decided to give up work and become fulltime mothers. Then, some time later, each of them decided it was time to start thinking about going back. These are not superwomen, they are everywoman. buy now »

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““For mothers contemplating a return to the work force after years spent raising children, Emma Gilbey Keller has good news: if the women she profiles in her new book can do it, so can you. [The Comeback] is a feel-good book. ” read more »
- New York Times Book Review
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Emma Gilbey Keller who is the author of Lady: The Life and Times of Winnie Mandela. Previously she had written for The London Sunday Times, The London Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Marie Claire, More Magazine, Vanity Fair and Tatler among others. She grew up in England and lives in New York City with her husband Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, and their two children. Emma stopped writing for seven years after the birth of her first daughter. This book is Emma's comeback. Click to view video »
“Moms Returning to Work. Returning to the workplace can be a challenge for stay-at-home moms who’ve taken time off to take care of kids. Hear why more and more employers are specifically choosing to hire returning mothers, and how those women manage to balance their families and careers. Emma Gilbey Keller’s recent book is The Comeback.”

- WNYC (NPR) "Leonard Lopate Show"
“Keller shares some tips that go well beyond the typical “update your resume” advice so you can carpe diem and chart your own comeback course.” read more »
“May of us have heard about The Comeback Kid. But what about The Comeback Mom? ” read more »
“The facts: Many women won't have the option of retiring. The same is true for men, of course. As the economy sours, property and other investments lose value; people are worried. Bearing a special burden are women who took time out to have children, and as a result will have saved less.” read more »
- NY Daily News
“Career, Family, Career: Emma Gilbey Keller knows what it's like to trade a sterling professional identity for motherhood --- and then to pick it up again. In The Comeback, she tells the stories of seven women who have achieved much, dropped their careers to be wives and mothers, and returned to a world that doesn't always welcome older and wiser women. The women she profiles tend to be married to extremely successful men, live in nice homes and suffer manageable problems; if you're looking for stories of Mother Courage working three jobs to keep her kid in community college, this isn't for you. But if you're an ambitious, accomplished woman thinking of leaving it all behind or returning to professional challenges, The Comeback is catnip. ”
“Does taking an extended diaper sabbatical ruin you for the corner office? No, says Emma Gilby Keller, author of The Comeback: Seven Stories of Women Who Went From Career to Family and Back Again.” download pdf »
- Marie Claire
“Bounce back into the workforce. How do you jump-start your career after stepping out to raise kids? The author of a new book shares her strategies.” download pdf »
- More Magazine
“I spoke with the book’s author, Emma Gilbey Keller, who says the book is her own comeback, something sparked by a desire to restart her career as she saw her husband’s (he’s Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times) taking off. Ms. Gilbey Keller contends that both city and small-town mothers have an easier time recreating careers after time at home, largely because they’ve eliminated a huge stumbling block to balancing family and work: the commute.” read more »
- The Wall Street Journal
“Women hear it all the time: Stay home with the kids and you can kiss the career good-bye. Even if you manage to rejoin the workforce in some compromised capacity, your seniority and paycheck will never recover (Don't get us started on the problem of child care). But a new nonfiction book dares to deliver the kind of good news that doesn't make the headlines.” read more »
“Warm, laudatory, refreshingly nonjudgmental—she honors both working and stay-at-home moms. [Keller provides] insight into how women have rediscovered their professional identities through sheer perseverance. Women contemplating their own re-entries into their careers or into new professions will relish this book for its frankness, encouragement and practical direction.”
- Publisher’s Weekly
“Insightful, engaging, and empowering, Emma Keller's The Comeback is the "women and work" book you've been waiting for.”
- Liz Lange
“Jean Fasanello, wearing a chunky glass-beaded necklace of her own creation, sorts through baskets of product lining the bright yellow wall of her kitchen. For five years, this kitchen has been the headquarters of Hip, a specialty line of belts, headbands, jewelry and watches she designs and sells from her Clarence home.” read more »
-Samantha Maziarz Christmann , The Buffalo News
“At last a book that doesn't tell women that whatever we do, we're wrong. Emma Keller's warmth and wisdom infuse The Comeback, a sensible corrective to the no-win, media-stoked battles of the "Mommy Wars." Her stories of women's resilience, grit and triumph as they re-enter the workforce after years at home remind us that reinvention is truly possible; that, rather than constantly judging our lives, we should live them--fully and well.”
-Peggy Orenstein, author of Waiting for Daisy
“There’s much talk about the choice made by many women to leave the workforce when their children are small, but little has been written about the specific challenges of returning to work. By introducing us to seven women who made that journey, The Comeback shows seven paths to that goal. Each is unique, but together they begin to answer the questions: How does it feel? How is it done? Any woman who wants both children and career, or anyone who knows such a woman, will want to start by reading The Comeback.”
- Deborah Tannen, author of You Just Don’t Understand,
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