an excerpt:
“How do you make room for a relationship? How do you make room for a child? Every woman does it her own way. My way – my all or nothing way – was to get rid of work completely and concentrate all my energy on my family. I gave up the cottage. The cat made the altruistic move of running away by itself. ”

You Can Have It All - Just Not All At Once
We’ve all heard the chatter in magazines and on television about off ramps and on ramps, decreased earning power, increased competition, too much re-adjustment, too little flexibility, no jobs, no hope – nothing to look forward to. Women are used to being told that once we get off the career track, we can't get back on. In The Comeback, Emma Gilbey Keller proves that this isn’t true: more and more, companies today are looking at the value of hiring returning mothers. In this encouraging book, Keller tells the stories of seven very different women who sought to strike a balance between demanding careers and budding families. With all of them there came a moment – unplanned – when they decided to give up work and become fulltime mothers. Then, some time later, each of them decided it was time to start thinking about going back. These are not superwomen, they are everywoman. Their stories are complicated, filled with the choices, decisions and trade-offs that all mothers face. Each ended up with some version of the balance that we all strive for as we juggle work and families. Achieving this balance always takes effort, frustration, and give-and-take, but in the end anyone can do it.

An absorbing blend of story, insight, advice and inspiration, The Comeback offers a positive message to mothers overwhelmed by the ever-shifting work versus home debate.